Chie Hagihara

Make-up artist 





☆July 2011 Jeremy Bueno of Paris Collection

☆2012 Makeup for Kazumi Moroboshi for the play “Cabaret“ starring Norika Fujiwara

☆June 2012 Shiki Theater Company 

☆September 2012 Fashion stylist for NMB48

☆September 2012 Nails and makeup instructor for the national team Japan of London Olympics

☆April 2013 Kimono collection in New York

☆June 2013 Beauty event at Agnes b Paris

☆July 2013 Yoshiki Hishinuma of Paris Fashion Week: Makeup technical director

☆September 2013 Raoul of New York Fashion Week 

☆2013 Appeared on VOGUE Italy online 

☆February 2014 Josie Natori, Tia Cibani and  Raoul of New York Fashion Week 

☆September 2014 SACHIKA of New York Fashion Week 

☆2014 Appeared on VOGUE Italy

☆September 2014 Kansai Collection

☆November 2014 Hair and makeup for  Team 8 of AKB48

☆2015 Nails Competition in Las Vegas: First place of the Total Beauty Part 

☆2016  Jun Nagai of Paris Fashion Week: Director of Chie Hagihara Makeup team



Partner salon  of T&C Hairmake NewYork

Makeup instructor of JHSS Osaka; makeup instructor of JPBS; guest makeup instructor of Kyoto Iken Academy; makeup instructor of Kyoto University of Art & Design


“Heroes“ by Shogakukan (monthly)

PV makeup for “Soul reviver“


Makeup artist for “Futairi no sekai (Two in the world)“ starring Masataka Nagase

Model Eimi Kuroda's makeup for a package of White Rose Mask (Eimi  Kuroda: appears on many magazines like GLAMOROUS)

Catalogue on Kaotsubo cosmetics

talk show about cervical cancer

Guest appearance with Maggie (model for vivi magazine)


Provided makeup therapy program in Doctor Zoo and Sasaki Medical Skin Clinic

Makeup for Fukui TV announcers

FM radio appearance

TV program: Majo tachi no 22ji (Witches at 22:00) on April 20, 2010 


Make show

Onry Mineral, Takashimaya Shinjuku, Daimaru Tokyo, Dr. Hauschka, Takashimaya Osaka Namba 






Youjiya's TV commercials

Kyoto Kimono Legend, photo studio Midori, URALA, appeared on Fu, Lotte, play GEAR